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Welcome to iKore, India’s premier Pilates Studio and Teacher Training Institute, guided by the expertise of Dr. Deepali Gupta, acclaimed as Asia’s Pilates Ambassador and a Master Educator in the field. We take immense pride in our standing as the top-rated destination for holistic fitness, offering meticulously crafted Pilates classes, cutting-edge equipment, and a team of elite instructors.

At iKore, we go beyond conventional fitness routines, embracing a profound understanding of anatomy and recognizing the unique needs of each individual.
Our bespoke training programs not only prioritize your well-being but also reflect our unwavering passion for Pilates. With a team of certified experts boasting years of industry experience, we are committed to the pursuit of healing, enhancing, and protecting your health, ensuring you leave with a healthy, joyful smile.


iKore envisions a world where the practice of Pilates is not just an exercise but a holistic journey. Our goal is to lead the way in fostering exceptional teaching and promoting a culture of boundless potential in every Pilates instructor. We aspire to create a global community where the principles of Pilates transcend physical fitness, inspiring a profound and lasting impact on individuals' lives.


Empowering Pilates educators to redefine their excellence, iKore is committed to shaping brilliant futures through our pioneering Teacher Training and Pilates Programs. We strive to be the guiding light, nurturing a community of passionate instructors dedicated to holistic well-being and transformative teaching.



World-class Coach,
Pilates Ambassador Asia,
Balanced Body Master Educator,
Franklin level 2, YUR Back Coach,
Garuda method

Dr. Deepali Gupta is a pioneer in holistic wellness and Pilates education, and founder of iKore Pilates Education. With over a decade of experience, she leads the future of Pilates through world-class education and mentorship.

Her qualifications include an MD in Homeopathy Medicine, a specialization in Health and Fitness, and a Diploma in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Deepali Gupta’s diverse training, including the Garuda method and Franklin method level two, enriches her teaching and holistic approach.

iKore Pilates offers a range of Pilates Certification Programs, including internationally recognized Pilates certifications and balanced body Pilates certification programs. Our fully equipped Pilates studio in Pune provides classes for all levels, while our online Pilates teacher training offers flexibility for learners.

Join Dr. Deepali Gupta on the journey to wellness through Pilates training with iKore Pilates. For questions about pilates programs online or holistic wellness, feel free to reach out.

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