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Mat Pilates:

Experience the grace of Mat Pilates, an exercise method that blends body and mind. Our sessions take place on soft, supportive mats and may incorporate an array of Pilates props, such as balls, foam rollers, and Pilates magic circles. With an exclusive focus on individuals, each session is designed for a maximum of 12 participants, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Expertise Level:



Equipment Group:

Group Equipment Pilates sessions use specialized apparatus like reformers, barrels, & chairs and represent a dynamic and engaging approach to fitness, offering the opportunity to achieve well-rounded well-being. These sessions are skillfully led by Certified Pilates Instructors and revolve around synchronized exercises that have been tailored to foster resistance training, enhance core strength, promote balance, and improve flexibility. The adaptability of the equipment ensures that individuals of all age groups and fitness levels can partake in this holistic workout experience.

Session Level:

Fees for Mat Sessions:


Equipment Private:

Our One-To-One Private Pilates Sessions offer an opportunity for you to work closely with a Certified Pilates Instructor who will empower you to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and posture refinement. Whether you aim to optimize your physical condition or seek rehabilitation from injury, our personalized Pilates sessions are your optimal choice. Achieve your wellness objectives and unlock the best version of yourself with our expert guidance.



Rehab Pilates Sessions:

These Pilates Sessions are meticulously tailored for clients in need of post-injury, post-surgery, or post-medical condition recovery. Guided by our certified Pilates instructors, well-versed in assisting individuals with physical limitations, discomfort, or health-related challenges, these sessions prioritize rehabilitation and the restoration of strength, flexibility, stability, and balance to the affected areas of the body. Our approach employs low-impact, controlled movements thoughtfully chosen to facilitate each individual's progress on their road to recovery. Additionally, we may utilize Pilates equipment, including the reformer, to enhance movement and advance strength and stability. Rehabilitative Pilates Sessions are a cornerstone for individuals seeking to regain their physical functionality and enhance overall well-being following an injury or medical event. These sessions provide a secure and effective path to rehabilitation while also contributing to the prevention of future injuries.

Fees for Mat Sessions:


Diet & Nutrition - Online Consultation:

You can now receive personalized nutritional guidance and advice through video conferencing or messaging from our team of expert dietitians & nutritionists. It involves a comprehensive assessment of your dietary habits, medical history, and health objectives, culminating in the creation of a tailored nutrition plan. This consultation ensures easy access to professional nutrition support, irrespective of your location or busy schedule.



16:57 28 Apr 24
Kendrika KKendrika K
05:15 16 Apr 24
Really had an amazing experience. Learned a lot and I am so glad that I made the right decision and chose iKore Pilates.
11:29 29 Mar 24
I have been going to iKore pilates for 6 months, and I feel much fitter and more confident. Everybody is very friendly, overall a very good experience!
shivam baisyashivam baisya
11:51 15 Mar 24
Rutuja JamadarRutuja Jamadar
11:53 14 Mar 24
Truly the best pilates studio in town. Highly equipped with all the pilates equipments and knowledge.. 5 stars to well trained Instructors, ambience. Everyone working there is very cheerful & has a good environment to workout ( especially Huge THANKS to instructor anshu for all the amazing sessions and the way he corrects all the minute details is really commendable and encouraging).
Anuja DeshmukhAnuja Deshmukh
13:40 04 Mar 24
I joined iKore Pilates about 5 months ago after a hectic medical condition that drained out my entire body along with flexibility and weight loss. I also had certain joint issues.iKore designed their exercises from basic to medium to advance for my body and requirement. They were attentive to my body condition and capacity and helped me take one step at a time. With slow and steady exercise, it has helped me gain flexibility, strength and even confidence!My super instructor Nidhi, is the best I could ask for! She pays attention to every detail and makes work out fun at the same time! Slowly my condition has improved and I am getting better at the workout and body wise also day by day! Go for it! It will surely make a difference and keep you glowing at the end of every session!
Tulsi DoultaniTulsi Doultani
04:47 01 Mar 24
The training curriculum is curated as per individual needs, identified post assessment. My coach, Nidhi is learned, very observant of every action, posture, rhythm, and movement I make while working out Pilates, and I have begun to observe changes in self in two months of training. iKore works on building the foundation and then followed by other set goals of fitness.
Anood FaqihAnood Faqih
09:45 30 Dec 23
This place is definitely the finest Pilates studio in the city. It’s been 4 months that I have been taking private sessions with Nidhi & Hema. There has been a significant improvement in my flexibility, core strength and stability. I feel a great improvement in my posture too. Everyone at the studio is very welcoming and the place has amazing warm vibes. I would recommend this to everyone seeking pilates in their fitness journey. Dr. Deepali has a great team ????
Mohammed SufiyanMohammed Sufiyan
13:47 26 Dec 23
The Reformer Pilates and Movement Principles workshop at iKore Pilates was transformative.Dr Deepali’s demonstrated deep expertise, fostering a supportive environment for skill development. The course structure effectively combined theory and practical sessions, enhancing my understanding and proficiency in Pilates instruction. I feel confident in applying the knowledge gained, and the workshop significantly improved my proficiency with the Pilates reformer. Highly recommended.

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