Best Pilates Teacher Training Certification Every Instructor Must Have!

Pilates Teacher Training

Essential Pilates Teacher Training Certification: A Must for Every Instructor

Beginning a journey into Pilates instruction can often feel like standing at a crossroads surrounded by a multitude of certification paths. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty and questions. You’ve likely found yourself poring over endless lists of programs, each promising to be the best. But deep down, you know that becoming a skilled Pilates instructor isn’t just about ticking boxes—it’s about truly understanding the practice and being able to guide others safely along the path to wellness.

So, how do you navigate this jungle of choices and find the perfect Pilates certification course that’s right for you? Let’s start this journey together, exploring the key courses to consider when choosing the Best Pilates Teacher Training Certification for your unique path.


Our education program’s cornerstone, Movement Principles, helps you learn, enhance, and teach basic movement skills. Whether you’re just starting out or have experience, this course deepens your grasp of how the body moves. It’s like laying a strong foundation for your journey to becoming an exceptional instructor. Movement Principles is a must-do for our Pilates Instructor Course and Integrated Movement Specialist certificate. At iKore Pilates, we provide high-quality Movement Principle Education and Training Programs that empower you to excel in your Pilates journey.

Movement principles include

  • Five sections: whole body movement, trunk integration, lower body training, upper body training, mobility, and restoration
  • Overview of anatomy, including bones and joints, in specific relationship to movement
  • Exercise instruction in foundational exercises applicable in diverse movement and fitness settings
  • Detailed, full-color manual and streaming video to enhance your learning “experience”
  • Cueing, coaching, and teaching tips


Our Mat Pilates Instructor Training Program guides you from the basics to advanced movements, equipping you to inspire transformation as a teacher. Mat work forms the bedrock of the Pilates method. In our Balanced Body Mat Instructor curriculum, you’ll explore the complete set of Pilates Mat exercises. Our focus on foundational movement principles, along with adaptations and alternatives, prepares you to be a skilled mat instructor, capable of serving diverse clients with effectiveness and confidence. At iKore Pilates, our mat training program is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, ensuring you develop the skills needed to excel as a mat instructor.


Pilates Level 1 Mat lays down the essential groundwork of the Pilates method. In this course, you’ll delve into the history and core principles of Pilates, as well as beginner and intermediate-level exercises. Each exercise segment covers modifications, advancements, its purpose, and any precautions for different injuries or special groups. You’ll also learn how to craft and lead group classes, with a special focus on teaching seniors and prenatal and postnatal classes.


  • Completion of Movement Principles
  • Attendance of 10 Mat
  •  (recommended)
  • At least 6 months of experience in teaching movement and anatomy is recommended.


Mat 2 continues your journey by covering the remaining intermediate and advanced Mat exercises, completing your grasp of the Pilates Mat program. Through engaging lectures, you’ll progressively enhance your skills to master advanced exercises. Additionally, you’ll learn how to structure intermediate and advanced classes effectively and create successful mat sessions.


  • Completion of Movement Principles
  • Successful completion of Mat 1


Enhanced Pilates Mat takes your mat training to the next level by incorporating props like rings, rollers, bands, and balls into traditional exercises. It goes beyond just the core, including functional movements for both upper and lower body strength and flexibility. With the Balanced Body Programming System, you’ll learn how to design classes that are not only effective but also enjoyable. Adding props to mat classes adds excitement and variety, making them more engaging for clients.


  • Completion of Mat 1 and 2, or equivalent Pilates Mat program

Reformer Instructor Training

Discover how to make the iconic Pilates apparatus come alive, energizing your practice and classes. The Reformer, crafted by Joseph Pilates, is a highly adaptable exercise tool. Our Balanced Body Reformer Instructor Training is all about mastering the Pilates exercises on the Reformer, with a special focus on adapting them for different groups and advancing techniques for experienced clients.

Reformer 1

In this course, you’ll be introduced to Joseph Pilates’ renowned ‘Universal’ Reformer, a key feature of the Pilates equipment studio and an essential training aid. Reformer 1 will teach you how to safely use the Reformer and cover many beginner and intermediate Pilates Reformer exercises. It also delves into the common adjustments and variations necessary for teaching individuals effectively while providing the reasoning behind each technique, empowering your critical thinking skills right from the start of your training journey. At iKore, the best pilates teacher training course, our Reformer training program provides comprehensive instruction on using the Reformer effectively and safely.


  • Completion of Movement Principles
  • Participation in 20 Reformer classes (recommended)
  • At least 1 year of experience in teaching movement (recommended)
  • Prior knowledge of anatomy is required before testing out

Reformer 2

Reformer 2 unlocks the full potential of the Reformer by introducing intermediate and advanced exercises, along with safety guidelines and adjustments. It also delves into specialized programs for certain groups, like pre- and post-natal clients, those with osteoporosis, and individuals with lower back problems. You’ll learn about crafting classes, assessing movement dynamically, and addressing common movement issues.


  • Completion of Reformer 1

Reformer 3

Reformer 3 represents the highest level of Reformer training, introducing advanced and super-advanced exercises. It’s all about pushing your clients to reach new heights through carefully crafted sequences that enhance their movement skills. Our principle-based programming will help you design classes that are both safe and effective for students at various levels.


  • Completion of Reformer 1 and 2, or equivalent Pilates Reformer program.


Apparatus 1

In Apparatus 1, you’ll be introduced to the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Chair, and Barrels, offering a comprehensive understanding of the Pilates system. This course covers beginner and intermediate exercises on each apparatus, along with safety protocols, setup instructions, and their significance within the Pilates studio environment. Each piece of equipment creates a unique training environment, enriching the experience for clients or classes.


  • Completion of Mat 1 and Reformer 1
  • Participation in 20 Pilates studio sessions (recommended)
  • At least 1 year of work experience in a related field (recommended)

Apparatus 2

Apparatus 2 covers intermediate exercises on the trapeze table, chair, and barrels, along with insights into class planning within the Pilates studio setting. You’ll also learn about addressing the specific needs of special populations, such as those with lower back and shoulder issues.


  • Completion of Apparatus 1

Apparatus 3

In Apparatus 3, you’ll finish your thorough Pilates teacher training by mastering intermediate, advanced, and super-advanced exercises on the trapeze table, chair, and bars. We’ll apply the Balanced Body Movement Principles programming system to the apparatus, offering clear guidelines for designing classes.


  • Completion of Apparatus 2


This course offers a thorough introduction to trapeze table and tower exercises, suitable for beginners, post-rehabilitation clients, and advanced practitioners. You’ll learn about sequencing, designing programs, and exploring various exercise applications. We’ll also cover equipment setup, safety measures, and maintenance.


  • Completion of Mat 1 and Reformer 1
  • Participation in 20 Pilates studio sessions is recommended.
  • At least 1 year of work experience in a related field (recommended)


The Pilates chair is ideal for strengthening athletic clients and adding versatility to group workouts. Each chair can incorporate standing and upright core work into studio sessions. This course includes exercises, programming tips, and variations for the original Wunda chair, the EXO chair, and the split pedal Combo Chair.


This course introduces exercises and variations for the step barrel and ladder barrel, both valuable tools for improving spinal mobility and core strength. While the ladder barrel is commonly used in studios, the step barrel is a great addition to group classes.

At iKore Pilates, we offer the best Pilates teacher training programs to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of Pilates instruction. Led by India’s Master Educator and Asia’s Pilates Ambassador, Dr. Deepali Gupta, our institute stands as India’s top-rated Pilates Studio and Teacher Training Institute. Whether you’re looking for online or offline Pilates teacher training in India, our internationally recognized certification courses cater to both aspiring instructors and seasoned professionals.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from foundational movement principles to advanced apparatus training, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded education in Pilates instruction. With a focus on anatomy, movement principles, and practical teaching experience, our programs prepare you to become a confident and competent Pilates teacher.

Whether you choose our online Pilates teacher training or opt for in-person classes at our studio in Pune, you’ll benefit from our expertise, passion, and dedication to holistic fitness. Join us at iKore Pilates and begin on a rewarding journey to becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

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