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    Course Description:

    Introduces the CoreAlign method and its versatility in strengthening, stretching, conditioning and functional movement. Teaches 60+ foundation exercises to build practical movement skills. It focuses on areas like trunk integration, upper body strength and balance, lower body strength, power, gait, and dynamic flexibility. Includes progressions and regressions for all ability levels.

    Course Benefits:

    Develops Core Strength and Stability

    CoreAlign 1 focuses on exercises that target the deep, stabilizing muscles of the core, promoting strength and stability from the inside out.

    Improves Balance and Proprioception

    Through various movement patterns and balance challenges, participants enhance their proprioceptive awareness and ability to control their body's position in space.

    Enhances Overall Movement Efficiency

    CoreAlign 1 helps participants move more efficiently by emphasising proper alignment and integrated movement, reducing wasted energy and minimizing the risk of injury.



    Learning Objectives

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    Core Align Learn
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