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    Course Description:

    CoreAlign 2 builds upon the foundational concepts introduced in CoreAlign 1, delving deeper into advanced movement patterns and techniques. This course expands participants' repertoire of exercises and explores more complex sequences to challenge coordination, strength, and stability.

    Course Benefits:

    Enhances Client Programming and Exercise Prescription Skills

    CoreAlign 2 equips participants with the knowledge and tools to design effective and personalized workouts tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of their clients.

    Promotes Creative Movement Exploration

    Through exploration of complex movement patterns and sequences, participants are encouraged to think creatively and problem-solve to adapt exercises to different populations and scenarios.

    Prepares for Application in Rehabilitation and Athletic Settings

    With a deeper understanding of CoreAlign principles and advanced techniques, participants are better prepared to apply their knowledge in rehabilitation settings to aid in injury recovery and in athletic settings to enhance performance and prevent injuries.



    Learning Objectives

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