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Course Description:

MOTR, short for Movement on the Roller, is a versatile fitness tool that combines the benefits of a foam roller with a resistance training system. This course introduces participants to the diverse range of exercises and movement patterns that can be performed on the MOTR. Participants will learn how to integrate MOTR into their training routines to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Course Benefits:

Improved Flexibility and Mobility

Dynamic movements performed on the MOTR help increase range of motion and joint flexibility.

Enhanced Core Strength

Many MOTR exercises focus on core stabilization and strength, leading to improved posture and spinal alignment.

Balance and Coordination

The unstable surface of the MOTR challenges balance and proprioception, enhancing coordination and neuromuscular control.


MOTR Prerequisites

Learning Objectives

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MOTR Duration

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MOTR What you'll Learn
MOTR What you'll Learn

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